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  1. Introducing SMART Health Cards

  2. Work Weekend #1 approaches!

  3. Placement application for art and theme camps

  4. Firefly Early Arrival & GTFO Access

  5. Just The Tip from Wendy WTF

  6. Stay for Late Crew! (while spoons last)

  7. Help manage the Open Stage!

  8. Links

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Introducing SMART Health Cards

We’re happy to introduce a way of verifying your vaccination status before getting to Gate! You can do this by visiting the Ticketing and Volunteering Portal and uploading your SMART Health Card in the new “COVID-19 Safety Requirements” section. The process should take under 5 minutes and will save time verifying your status at Gate. Find the link directly on your Ticketing dashboard:

If you don’t upload your SMART Health Card: Please bring physical proof of vaccination to Gate, either your original card or a photocopy. Using a copy on your phone will complicate & slow down Gate operations, as well as forcing you to unlock your phone and hand it over to the Security team while you sit in your car.

Unvaccinated participants: You must bring a physical copy of a negative COVID PCR test taken less than 72 hours prior to your arrival, as well as enough rapid tests for daily testing. This requirement is unchanged. Again, if you only have a copy on your phone, you will need to unlock your phone and hand it over to the Security team while you sit in your car.

Questions? Contact gate@fireflyartscollective.org 

Work Weekend #1 approaches!

The Work Weekend Chainsaw Orchestra is looking for experienced chainsaws to come make music in the woods. If you have a chainsaw and are comfortable using it (and have safety gear too), consider joining the sonorous cacophony! 

Follow the link to the Work Weekend Sign-up (and Wyaiver)

Questions? Email workweekends@fireflyartscollectivett.org 

Exodus: Parking & GTFO are in need of a lot more volunteers!

Parking & GTFO volunteers have the crucially important job of managing traffic so exodus runs smoothly and as efficiently as it possibly can. Exodus slows down for everybody if Parking and GTFO volunteer shifts are not all filled.

PERK: If you work an Exodus shift, you do not need to be off the land until 6 PM (or, if shifts go late, until 2 hours after you get off shift). Why rush to leave on Monday, when instead, you can take your time and help Exodus flow like room temperature butter?

Follow the links to sign up for GTFO & Parking

Questions? Email exodus@fireflyartscollective.org

Placement for Art and Theme Camps

Firefly Placement applications for Art and Theme Camps are now open!

If you are bringing either of these things to Firefly 2022 and wish to reserve space for it and be visible on the Event Map, please visit https://www.fireflyartscollective.org/getting-ready/placement/ for information and link to the application form.

The deadline for submitting placement applications is 11:59PM Thursday, June 9, 2022

Placement Afternoon will take place at the event site promptly at 1PM on Sunday, June 12, 2022

Firefly Early Arrival & GTFO Access

Are you a core volunteer or a theme camp member seeking Early Arrival (that is, permission to arrive at the event 12 pm or later on Tuesday - the event starts Wednesday at noon)? Then you’ll want to fill out the Early Arrival application!

Are you planning to drive your car into the woods during Early Arrival (Tuesday 12 pm - 7pm, Wednesday 7 am - 11 am) and/or Exodus? Then you’ll want to fill out the Early Arrival application and indicate that you wish to drive your car into the woods!

Notes: The number of Early Arrival participants will be limited this year. Everyone showing up for EA must apply and be approved; if you show up to EA with any non-approved members in the car, the whole car will be sent away. We will begin notifying participants of their EA acceptance beginning early to mid June, once we get a sense of how many people are applying.

Cars going up the hill must be GTFO-approved. Cars must be AWD or 4WD and have a ground clearance of at least EIGHT (8) inches. You must fill out the application and be approved. Cars who do not apply, or are not approved, will not be allowed up the hill.

Camps and participants bring awesome infrastructure and art to Firefly, and we love seeing it! 

However, please be mindful that vehicle traffic is destructive to the road, and this damage requires a lot of volunteer effort to repair each year. We're asking folks to plan to pack sensibly and consider carrying in / out as much of their gear as possible so we can limit vehicle traffic.

Please also keep in mind that vehicle access during Early Arrival & Exodus is contingent upon road conditions. In case of muddy or wet conditions, access will be delayed or restricted until conditions improve. Folks may need to carry in or out infrastructure and camping gear the old fashioned way. Consider this as you make your packing lists!

Thanks for understanding! For any additional questions or help, please contact early@fireflyartscollective.org (for EA) & gtfo@fireflyartscollective.org + dpw@fireflyartscollective.org (for GTFO).

Just The Tip from Wendy WTF

Firefly starts in a little over 40 days. Start planicking now. Get the time off work, get going on that weird idea you had, go re-visit your notes from last year. You did take notes, right?

Stay for Late Crew! (while spoons last)

Do you wish you could stay in the woods for just one more day before you have to rejoin the “real world”? You totally can! Each year DPW and LNT make sure the land is as near to “as we found it” as we can get - and we need all the help we can get from *YOU* to make it so. Please consider volunteering for a Late Crew shift and help us out. Many hands indeed do make light work! Follow the links to sign up for DPW and LNT.

Questions? Email dpw@fireflyartscollective.org & lnt@fireflyartscollective.org 

Open Stage Core: Recruiting Now!


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